It was so easy when you were six.

You could barely keep your eyes open as you climbed into the back seat. You didn't have to think about falling asleep; it just happened. It was just you, maybe a rolled up sweater, and your window. Well now you're an adult, and you deserve the finer comforts of life.

Introducing The Window Pillow
Relive the magic: sleep like a baby

Made to Stick

Your bed pillows don't fall out of place, so why should your travel pillows? Our suction cups are durable, reliable, and easy to adjust.

Made to Move

The perfect size to fit your head, and not an inch bigger. Our dual suction cup design allows you to wrap the pillow around your bags for maximum portability.

Made to Use

No window? No problem. Unzip your Window Pillow and watch it transform into a U-shaped neck pillow!

What else does the $29.99 buy?

Hand-made in New York

These pillows are currently produced in New York City's Garment District. We aim to support the local economy while hiring the same talent as many major fashion labels.

High Quality Materials

We source all of our raw materials domestically to ensure the highest quality product.

Free Shipping

We will cover shipping for all domestic orders and the sales tax is already priced in. $29.99 is all you pay!

Support A Cause

With every batch we make, we will give something back. For this round, we will donate 10% of our gross profit to The National Breast Cancer Foundation for every pink pillow purchased.

Ready to travel comfortably?

Wave goodbye to neck pains and say hello to sweet dreams.