Who are we?

Just a pair of best friends who want to make the world a little cozier.

We’d tell you about the many years we spent, traveling the world, studying the fine art of pillow making from dusk till dawn, but our favorite TV lawyers have advised us against false advertising. So, we’ll be straight with you instead:

We’re busy people, and we’re sure you are too. And unlike the jet-setting ballers we see on TV, not all of us can afford first class flights whenever it's time to visit mom and dad. Two sets of red eyes and our ever-growing sleep debt got us thinking: everyone needs their beauty sleep… so we designed the Window Pillow to help you get it on the go!

Bharath Krishnamoorthy graduated from James Madison University and currently studies (sometimes) at Columbia Law School. He is an expert at sleeping comfortably.

Shawn Vo studied at the University of Virginia and now works (all the time) at Barclays. He comes from a long line of purebred seamsters.

Kinnary Shah is trying really hard to graduate from Indiana University with a degree in English. In the meantime, she’s making use of her undying love for Facebook stalking as the Window Pillow’s Social Media Manager.

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